Sponsor Farm Student

Hope Agri School, Benin, Africa

Hope Agri School disciples students in the Gospel while they learn about raising animals, growing crops and basic business practices.  Classes have 3-15 students, ranging in ages from 16-40:  most of them have had no educational opportunities before this 10-month course.  They leave ready to start their own farm, and also many desire to be a pastor in their community!

This school was established by Josue Akowanou under his Hope for Youth Foundation in Benin.  He graduated from university to be a veterinarian, but God called him into ministry instead.  He has a huge love for the land, the people and the animals.  Josue truly wants to help his people spiritually, educationally, and economically.

The first graduates completed their program in April, 2012; as of 2016, there have been 5 graduating classes.  Upon graduation, each student may apply for a microloan to get his/her farm started.  These funds are to be repaid to help the next class of graduates.  Parents are expected to secure a piece of property for their son/daughter to farm when they complete their studies.

Your support for a student will pay his/her room and board expenses while he/she is in school.  The full donation is $50/month per student for 10 months, or a oneā€“time donation of $500.  If there is any money contributed above what is needed, it will be used for other expenses at the Farm.  If you would prefer to share a student and contribute half, sponsors can be paired up.  The next class is beginning in June, 2017. At this time sponsors will be needed for that upcoming class!  All donations will be receipted for the tax year and will be completely tax deductible. Donations can be made through this website or sent to:

Farm Student Sponsorship
Truth Unleashed Ministries
11268 N. Canary Lane
Parker, CO 80138

You will be given all the information about your student that Josue can supply:  a photo, biographical information, prayer needs.  Hopefully you will feel like you know your student personally!  No graduation gift is required.  If you would choose to send something, it must be light-weight and small to be able to pack into the luggage going over.  A journal has been well received by former grads:  it gives them somewhere to record their farming efforts and finances as well as how they see God at work in the whole process!  If you want to send your photograph to your student, it would be cherished!  If you wish to write letters to your student, email them to pam@truthunleashedministries.org and they will be forwarded to Josue (most students do not have a way to personally do email.)

Your sponsorship will give your student the chance of a lifetime to change his/her future!  It will have an eternal impact for your student and the country of Benin!