Christian Day Care/K-12 School

Started in Josue’s home in 2012, with his two boys and a couple other kids, God's Grace for Kids is a Christian Day Care/School, in Cotonou, gaining students in its bright, colorful new facility!  Christian principles are taught daily to all students, regardless of beliefs in the family, so it has become a wonderful outreach tool for Josue’s ministry!  For 2016-2017 school year, 63 students enrolled up to 4th grade! Expansion plans will include 100 students up through sixth grade for next year!  French, English, and sign language are being taught, as three deaf children are attending the school!

Josue’s wife Prisca is the administrator, and the staff has grown to nine teachers. Josue currently rents the first and second floor of the building, but plans to renovate the third floor as well when possible.  Until then he used this space to raise chickens, teaching the students how to care for them!  They will soon be sold at market, providing funds for more tables and chairs at the school! The building has been for sale almost since the day the school started—may God provide the funding for Josue to buy it, soon, as no other contracts have ever been offered! Answer to prayer!

In 2015, Josue was able to strike a deal with the landlord of this property:  if he could raise $100,000 by July 1, 2016, a contract would be written between them.  That contract would allow him to pay the remaining $200,000 balance over 10 years, and Hope for Youth would own the building!  At the very end, but in God's perfect timing, the funds came in!  Josue is in his fourth year to make payments, and now the school is providing profit to the ministry!  Finally Prisca is able to draw a salary, helping family finances greatly!

With the Golf Tournament in summer of 2021, hopes are high that sufficient funds will be raised to complete the purchase of the property next door.  It will be used to expand God's Grace into high school grades and create a technical school as well!