The church plant of 2010 was in Banigbe, a small village outside of the market town of Pobe, where Pastor Lucien lives.  When Lucien began leading the church in Banigbe, he also started teaching the children and youth their own language of Nago:  prior to this they had never seen it written, and the students did not know how to read! Lucien used Nago Bibles for his textbooks so that they would not only learn their language but also learn about Jesus!

John (renamed by Lucien) showed so much promise that he started reading in weeks!  Lucien spoke with his parent’s and received permission for John to live with Lucien’s mother in the capital Porto Novo the following year to continue his education.  He completed all of elementary school in just 3.5 short years!

John was given opportunity to test into the Benin Military Academy in the fall of 2014.  He scored so highly that he was given a scholarship to attend!  At Christmas he excelled in all of his classes, especially math, and was awarded his uniforms and the right to continue, still at no charge! 

John accepted Christ back in Banigbe and is growing in stature and wisdom in his walk with the Lord.  John will graduate soon, and is considering a medical career.  But John has shown interest in becoming the President of Benin!  Please join us in prayer that God will raise him up to be the Christian President that this country needs to lead them out of darkness and into the Light!