Josue's Family Trip 2021

As God paves the way, we are planning a wonderful trip for Josue and his family:  to have great family time, ministry time, and relaxation!  They will arrive into and depart from Denver on June 19 and July 27, 2021, respectively.

The trip starts with down time in Pagosa Springs and back to Parker for the Golf Tournament to benefit Josue’s ministry.  The Big circuit of the trip will drive on to Dallas; Branson; St. Louis; Jacksonville, IL, Detroit; Chicago; Prairie City, IA and back to Denver!  If you are along this route somewhere and would like to visit with the Akowanous, please contact Pam:

They will be digging through Mesa Verde; riding the Durango/Silverton Railroad; watching the Jesus production at Sight and Sound Theatre in Branson; cabling up the Arch; meeting Lincoln at his museum; camping at the great lakes in an RV; ogling the museums of Downtown Chicago, the Badlands and Mount Rushmore; roaring with the lions at the Denver Zoo; discovering dinosaurs at the Nature & Science Museum; and seeing God’s creation in CO one last time from the Continental Divide and Mount Evans!

Along this trip Josue will be connecting with all of his current supporting churches, and so many individual supporters!  They are really excited to see all of you, and make many new connections as well!

Please be in prayer over this trip:

*that all legal documents, tests, and ticket names come together to get them here and home safely

*that all will be surrounded by a hedge of protection throughout the trip

*that the family will be blessed with great conversations about life, love, and faith as they build memories to last a life time

*that friendships will be renewed and new ones started, that will hear Josue’s God story and desire to be a part of it!

For each and every one of you who is helping to make this trip happen, we pray blessings over you!