Thank you so much for coming to this page!

If you have a desire to help Josue in his ministry to save the country of Benin, you have many options!

(100% of your donation that is mailed to TUM will go directly to Josue's Hope for Youth Foundation!

Paypal donations do deduct a percentage.)

Monetary Donations:  Designate your gift

  • Farm Student room & board @ $50/month
  • Sponsor a deaf child at God's Grace for Kids @$30/month or a child of a teacher @ $40/month
  • Purchase land for churches to be built on @ $3000 per church
  • Radio Ministry @ $100/month/pastor
  • Prescription Medicines for outreach approx. $2000/year
  • Funding for school uniforms
  • Where most needed

Tangible Donations

  • Bibles/Jesus Films in languages of Benin
  • Water Filters
  • Christian DVD’s for outreach nights
  • OTC Medicines/Medical apparatus/Glasses
  • Day Care items
  • Computers/sewing machines