The Erwin's Ministry

Lucien, Eugenia, Dave & PamAfter a full career in teaching and various other positions, Dave re-trained into ministry.  God opened the doors for him to serve as a chaplain at DRDC in Denver, CO.  He had volunteered there for 7 years at the time of his death.  He had also served officers with the CO State Patrol and had begun work with Parker Police.

Pam has also been in education, teaching for 21 years and now tutoring full time for 17 years.  She enjoys mentoring her students through the difficult years of adolescence.

But when they prayed with their team to serve in international missions, they never dreamed where God would take their lives!  Once they connected with Josue and his ministry in Benin, it was very apparent that God had big plans for their involvement.  They have been blessed beyond measure to develop friendships there and support all of Josue's efforts in his ministry! They have seen much fruit from their joint labors! 

They had no way of knowing that Dave's accident would lead to his death.  But Pam remains inspired to serve where God has called!  It is never too late to be called by the Lord to do great things for the Kingdom!