Azove Church

Planted in 2017

The church plant here in Azove will be working to dispel the belief in a white chicken that the villagers have idolized for years!  When their children started dying, by unknown causes, a tree also dried up in the middle of the village.  Then the stream dried up as well, but someone noticed a white chicken along the banks of the stream.  They began worshipping the chicken as an idol, appeasing it in every way that they could think of, and the stream started flowing again.  However, the children have continued to die!

(There was a large attendance at the medical outreach:  these villagers have no access to medical care! )

As Josue preached at the crusade in the evening, two young mothers came forward to be prayed for:  they had each lost a child to this “mystery” and they wanted their new babes to be safe in the arms of Jesus!  Pray that they will really come into knowledge of God’s love for them and accept his forgiveness and saving grace!  About 50 others also came to the altar, but these two women were willing to come to the first church service:  may they lead others to attend!

There were about 30 kids present for the first service:  may the new pastor really bond with them and teach them now while they have less “tradition” in their souls to cast off!  They were eager to learn as Pam worked with them, even teaching them “Jesus Loves Me” in English!  They spoke Adja, so rarely even understood French translation, and the last day there was no translator available!  May they keep the tune in their hearts till they truly understand how amazing God is!

This area has many churches in the market town whose pastors seem remarkably able to work together for the Lord and they readily accepted Josue coming into the area to plant this church!  Pam spoke to 50 illiterate women representing many churches about prayer, sharing Mothers in Prayer philosophy—they were very intent listeners and wanted to know more and more!  May this unity bless all of them as they reach people for Christ!

Church Photos

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Church - Azove